Who we are

ALTERA VITA is a Social Cooperative Enterprise of Collective and Social Benefits (SCE) based in Syros and the action area of ​​the Prefecture of Cyclades.

The Cooperative was founded with the aim of responding with professionalism and expertise to the needs of care and empowerment expressed by people and communities. The approach of ALTERA VITA is based on participation, active citizenship, reciprocity. The goal is the activation and the networking of the social and economic resources of the territories, promoting sustainable development and wellbeing of the communities.

In many projects, ALTERA VITA plays the role of activator of social resource and facilitator in the involvement of local civil networks. For the creation of welfare systems and services focused on the needs of the person, ALTERA VITA promotes co-projecting and networking of best practices.


The purpose of  KΟINSEP CYCLADES- ALTERA VITA  is to pursue the collective benefits and to serve more general social interests. In particular, the aim of the Social Cooperative is to produce local products and to provide services to meet the needs of collectivity, especially given the economic hardship that our country is experiencing.

Specifically, the objectives of the Cooperative are specialized in the following activities:

The provision of specialized services to third parties in order to meet the needs of collectivity and the solidarity economy, through culture, the environment, education, the use of local products, utilities, health benefits, prevention and health promotion, the preservation of traditional activities and professions, tourism and extroversion, pursuing aims that promote local and collective interest, promote employment, empowerment of social cohesion and the strengthening of local or regional sustainable development.


ALTERA VITA is a scientific research centre and implements education and awareness programs, working with volunteers in the areas of Environment and Culture and Social Intervention programs at the community level.

ALTERA VITA provides training to specialists who offer services in mental health and other health professionals, educators, managers etc., as well as parents and couples. The training framework of ALTERA VITA is based on the principles and applications of the Systemic – Dialectic Epistemology.

The main goal of training is the development of “the whole person” –Anthropos. The process of the training focuses throughout on the professional and personal development and the differentiation of the trainee.

During training, participants do not remain passive listeners but, rather actively participate in the process of learning by sharing personal experiences and emotions and interacting with other trainees and instructors in small groups and large group tasks.

ALTERA VITA. organizes domestic and transnational training sessions on a wide range of topics. To this end, it collaborates with a network of experienced trainers and experts in various fields. Experts with special knowledge, experience and training in their subject offer the opportunity for trainees to follow a flexible program from wherever they are, with only limited access to internet,  to increasing social and professional changes in areas such as the social economy, Health Promotion, Organic Farming, Environment and Sustainable Development, the Arts and Culture, Pedagogy, Psychology, new technologies.

It is a place where artists, groups, young people, animators and citizens share their experiences, their techniques, their views on theatre, music, culture and the environment. It is a space of ideas and different perspectives, in which people with common values ​​and goals meet.

Our main goals are:
– Encourage and facilitate (inter)national mobility of youth
– Expand and improve social cooperation and volunteering projects with other associations.
– Enhance values of tolerance, human dignity, solidarity, empathy, cooperation, social justice and social integration.
– Promote a healthy and ecological lifestyle, and a sustainable development protecting the environment.