Who we are

ALTERA VITA is a Social Cooperative Society of Collective and Social Benefits (CSS) based in Syros and the action area of ​​the Prefecture of Cyclades. In the CSE Cyclades – ALTERA VITA, we participate as active citizens, active in the social fabric of the Cyclades through collective actions, through local networks that have been developed and through positions of responsibility in these processes.


The purpose of CYCLADES ‘KINSEP is to pursue the collective benefits and to serve more general social interests. In particular, the aim of the Social Cooperative is to produce local products and to provide services to meet the needs of collectivity, especially given the economic hardship that our country is experiencing.

Specifically the objectives of the Cooperative are specialized in the following activities:

The provision of specialized services to third parties in order to meet the needs of collectivity and the solidarity economy, ie through culture, the environment, education, the use of local products, utilities, health benefits, prevention and health promotion , the use of local products, the preservation of traditional activities and professions, tourism and extroversion, pursuing aims that promote local and collective interest, promote employment, empowerment of social cohesion and the strengthening of local or regional sustainable development.


What is a cooperative?

Cooperative is an autonomous and voluntary association of individuals designed to serve their economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations through a participatory and democratically controlled enterprise.

A cooperative is governed by the following seven principles, as agreed by the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA)

  1. Voluntary and open participation.
  2. Democratic scrutiny by members
  3. Members’ financial participation
  4. Autonomy and independence
  5. Education, training and information
  6. Collaboration with other cooperatives,
  7. Interesting for the community. The cooperatives are active with the goal of sustainable community development.


Culture – Well-being

The Commonwealth of Independent States Cyclades – ALTERA VITA is a meeting and communication venue for young people through theater, culture and environmental awareness as well as a cultural movement. There are professionals who have chosen to work with young people who are trained or have begun to make their first steps in life.

It is a place where artists, groups, young people, animators and citizens share their experiences, their techniques, their views on theater, music, culture and the environment. It is a space of ideas and different perspectives, in which people with common values ​​and goals meet.

Culture – environment – ecology – education – services of general interest

Health benefits, prevention and health promotion – local product utilization.

Maintain traditional activities and professions that promote local and collective interest, promote employment, strengthen social cohesion

Primary Sector

The Commonwealth of Independent States Cyclades – ALTERA VITA, aims at agricultural production through cooperative orientation of aromatic and medicinal plants of our country, packaging, processing of local and traditional products and dishes, self-produced products with the promotion of cottage industry.


Commonwealth Cyclades – ALTERA VITA
A.G.M.K.O .: 000031103110
VAT NUMBER. : 997192458

The president
Miltos Sakellariou
The Secretary
Giannis Lappas
The cashier
Yannis Daskos

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