ALTERA VITA is an active member of ENSA Network and European Youth Care Platform.

The ENSA-network as starting point

The network organises its work in five subject areas of intervention. Each has its own “thematic network”: elderlyyouthchild issuesdisability and social inclusion which is transversal to all groups. The thematic networks work in an independent way according to the wishes and needs of members and in order to carry out activities in line with EU policies.
It is in the thematic networks that ENSA’s practical work is done. Members will plan and undertake study visits, exchange programmes, joint and shared projects and special events.

ENSA has a legal status and is eligible for EU calls.

Many EU- and national networks are active already in the field of ‘youth at risk’ and/or youth care.  Nevertheless, it is our contention that none of them is covering the scope and the target groups as described in the first chapter of this document.  Of course, we must go on exploring the existing networks, but in the meantime, we should start up our own ‘platform’.

It’s our feeling that the ENSA-network offers an excellent structure to get started.  ENSA is a network of cities and European regions that aims to promote international cooperation in the social field.  ENSA organizes ‘thematic working groups’ and many of them are related to our goals:

  • thematic working group Childhood
  • thematic working group Youth and Family
  • thematic working group Integration

More information on the network, its’ background and thematic working groups:

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About the European Youth Care Platform

Youth care, juvenile justice and social policies, in general, are not Europe’s legal competences.  But the impact of the EU is fast-growing and broadening, extending also to the social and welfare policies.  This causes threads and opportunities for actors in the youth care sector and it urges them to act also at this EU-level.

Therefore care providers and social authorities active in the Youth Care sector in EU-member states are calling for a permanent European working group of actors in the youth care sector.  This group should gather national/regional/local authorities with legal responsibilities in this domain and professional service providers: governmental and non-governmental organisations and their umbrellas

The aim is to develop a permanent platform that leads to

  • regular cooperation and exchange between the working group members (through a yearly meeting and European funded projects?)
  • a long term strategy that aims to a permanent (and professional) representation at EU-level.  A part of this strategy is to explore strategic alliances with existing EU-networks.

In a first phase, this working group will operate in the context of the ENSA-network.

The platform was launched during the ENSA-general assembly in Garda (IT) on 5th of September 2013. 120 participants from 11 member states attended the first meeting, along with a representative of the European Commission.

This document sets out the concept and future of the platform.  All organizations/authorities active in this field who want to contribute / to take part / to comment on the initiative or who want to receive an invitation to become a member for the platform please contact