ALTERA VITA organises domestic and transnational training sessions on a wide range of topics. To this end, it collaborates with a network of experienced trainers and experts in various fields. It has excellent in-house training facilities, including equipment for simultaneous interpretation.

We organise training courses of different types:

  • In-service training courses for staff of education and training organisations across Europe, funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission.
  • E-learning courses on vocational subjects or on key skills acquisition.
  • Training courses complementary to our consulting activities e.g. staff training
  • Projects, Social learning, Workshops

All information is available on the web site of your National Agency. Some advice to be considered:

  • Applications must be submitted by the organization where the participants work and not by each individual participant or group.
  • The grant application form can be downloaded from the website of your National Agency. You can view a list of the national agencies here.
  • Course applicants cannot apply for a course in their own country.
  • You have the opportunity to apply for the grant once a year. Course fees, transportation, meals and accommodation can be covered by the Erasmus+ (Erasmus Plus) programme.

How do you apply for Erasmus+ funding?

If you would like to join us for our courses in your Erasmus+ KA1 application (one or several courses), the first thing to do is to fill out the interest form registration on our website after deciding which courses, dates and locations you would like to apply for. Project applications must be submitted by your organization directly to the national agency responsible for Erasmus+ in your country.  Next deadline is February 2019. When the national agency has approved your project, you can contact us to confirm your course places.

Before you can apply for funding as an organisation you will first need to obtain an EU login. The EU Login Authentication Service (previously called ECAS) is a point for user authentication to a wide range of Commission information systems.

Then you will need to log-in to the Participant Portal with your EU Login account details and register your organisation to obtain your unique 9-digit Participant Identification Code (PIC). If you are an individual wanting to apply you will need to consult with the organisation you are part of (for example your university)

The European Programme Erasmus+ Key Activity 1 is addressed for school teachers, headmasters, inspectors, trainers, training organizations and non-teaching staff across Europe. The mobility grant’s request must be submitted by each group or individual participant’s school.

In your application, you must apply for a grant for Course Fees, Organizational Support (pedagogic support, learning outcomes validation and certification), Individual Support  (accommodation, meals, local transport) and International Travel (to and from the course location) mobility grants. A draft application form to assist in the preparation of your application is available in the Erasmus+’s website. The application form for 2019 will be available soon in your National Agency. You will then complete the application form and submit it electronically to your national agency, before the deadline (5 February 2019).

ALTERA VITA PIC code is 911152623

After your grant application has been successfully delivered, your national agency will contact you. Afterwards, you should contact us to confirm your place. We provide an all-inclusive package which includes accommodation, food and local transportation, as well as organizational support provided that your fees have been received before your arrival.

Before starting the course, you will receive final information’s, such as travel directions and your accommodation details and other practical tips.

You can ask a grant from your National Agency for Erasmus+. The deadline for the 2019 grant applications is 1st February 2019.

The mobility grants for a visit in Greece include:

  • Support to travel cost: It is based on distance from your place to the destination. You can use the distance calculator. There is also the possibility to claim a top-up of 180 euros per participant for expensive domestic travel costs (over 225 euros), e.g. need of 2 flights in order to reach a HUB/airport (domestic and/or in the destination).
  • Individual support: It is based on a number of days. For Greece, the amount for individual support will range between 70 – 140 euros per day and will be announced by your National Agency.
  • Training fee: You will get support for the training fee, to attend structured training courses of staff in school education and in adult education. It is based on the number of days, 70 euros per participant per day.

The grant application should be submitted by an eligible organisation (higher education institute, school, VET school, VET training centre, adult learning organisation etc). Applications will be submitted to the National Agency of your country.

The procedure for the grant application is:

  1. Register online to the training course of your choice or contact us, if you have specific requests.
  2. Ensure that your organisation has a PIC code.
  3. Visit the website of your National Agency and download the application form and the relevant information material for your funding proposal.
  4. Fill in the application form. Our consultants are available to provide any support in filling in the application form.
  5. Send the application form to your National Agency and wait for selection results.

All our training can be funded through the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission


Our methodology is based on group activities, brainstorming, cooperative learning, simulation and best practices’ exchange, which means sharing and seeking out new knowledge with a special emphasis on the social and cultural dimension of Europe.

Our courses provide cultural visits, practical group work, networking and the last one to the course roundup and review, validation of learning outcomes and certification. We offer full modules for preparation, monitoring and validation. The trainings are delivered by skilful trainers with experience in the field or in the core knowledge category of the training topic.

You can apply for funding for all our training courses in the framework of Erasmus+ Key Action 1 Learning Mobility of Individuals. Lifelong learning is essential for everyone, for improving self-confidence, quality of life, vocational skills and competencies. The new Erasmus + programme presents unique opportunities to staff and teachers/ trainers at all levels of education and training to get funding and participate in European training courses, where apart from concrete learning outcomes, you will have the chance to meet people from various countries, share social and intercultural experiences and spend an enjoyable week in a foreign country.

In the framework of Erasmus+ Key Action 1 Learning mobility for individuals, ALTERA VITA has designed and offers a wide list of training courses dealing with education management, pedagogics, acquisition of new skills for 21st century, etc. All our courses have a European dimension and most of them have been developed in the framework of European projects.


Bullying and Cyberbullying.

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Peer Meditation in Schools

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                                           Traditional Sailing in the Cyclades

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