Adult education organisations can apply for staff mobility funding under Key Action 1.

Each project can last either 1 or 2 years and adult education organisations can apply for funding to support any of the following mobility activities within a project:

Staff Mobility

  • teaching/training assignments abroad
  • staff training abroad, including structured courses and training events, job shadowing and observations

Funding can be used to support adult education staff engaged in both teaching and non-teaching roles. Staff mobility activities can last from 2 days to 2 months, excluding travel time.

Who can apply?

Any organisation actively involved in adult education can apply.

  • An adult education organisation sending its staff abroad;
  • An adult education organisation, acting as coordinator of a national mobility consortium of adult education organisations.

Individuals cannot apply directly for a grant

Eligible Participating Organisations

A participating organisation can be:

  • any public or private organisation active in the field of adult education (defined as adult education organisation)


  • any public or private organisation active in the labour market or in the fields of education, training and youth.

For example, such organisations can be:

– an adult education school/institute/centre;

– an establishment for adult learners with special needs;

– a higher education institution (including those providing educational opportunities for adults);

– a public or private, a small, medium or large enterprise (including social enterprises);

–  a social partner or other representative of working life, including chambers of commerce, craft/professional associations and trade unions;

– a public body at local, regional or national level;

– a research institute;

– a foundation;

– a school/institute/educational centre;

– a non-profit organisation, association, NGO;

– a cultural organisation, library, museum;

– a body providing career guidance, professional counselling and infomation services.

Each organisation must be established in a Programme Country.

Applicants have to submit their grant application by 4 March at 12:00 (midday 

Brussels time) for projects starting on 1 June of the same year..